Want to learn to play the bagpipes or drums, please contact the band at info@blandfordbands.org and we can help set you up with the appropriate instructor.

Joining the Band

We are always happy to have new members join the band. Due to COVID restrictions the band isn’t currently holding in-person rehearsals, we are looking forward to when we can spend our Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons at Upland High School again. For more information about joining us, please send an email to info@blandfordbands.org


We can arrange all your bagpipe and drum music needs from soloists to mini-bands to even full band appearances. Inquiries can be made to info@blandfordbands.org

General information


Contact the Executive Board at:

Kevin’s Arrangements

Kevin Blandford and Jeffrey Rickard together arranged many tunes for bagpipes and pipe organ. If you are interested in any of their arrangements, please send an email to info@blandfordbands.org

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