History of The Kevin R. Blandford Memorial Pipe Band

Founding Years
The Kevin R. Blandford Pipe Band has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1974 as the City of San Bernardino Pipe Band. Originally established under this name, the Band underwent a significant transformation and was later renamed in honor of its sponsor R.P. Blandford & Son, a British import store located in Redlands, California, in 1986. The store, owned by the Blandford family, opened its doors in 1983 quickly became a hub for musical education.

Educational Legacy
At the heart of the Band's foundation was Kevin R. Blandford, a skilled musician and instructor who taught bagpipe lessons at the R.P. Blandford & Son store. His dedication to teaching attracted a multitude of aspiring musicians who would later become accomplished players. In 1991, Kevin expanded his influence by instructing the Upland High School Pipe Band, located in Upland, California, marking a pivotal moment in the Band's journey.

Competition Debut
In 1994, the Band officially joined the Western United States Pipe Band Association, making its debut in the competition circuit at the Highland Games in Costa Mesa, California. This marked the beginning of a journey filled with dedication, skill, and passion.

Leadership and Success
Under the leadership of Kevin, the Band flourished, earning several West Coast championship titles. After Kevin's passing in 2003, the Band paid tribute by changing its name to the Kevin R. Blandford Memorial Pipe Band.

Continued Achievements
The Band has upheld its legacy by achieving various esteemed titles, and securing placements at the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland in 2000 (Grade 3A), 2004 (Grade 3A), 2007 (Grade 3A), and 2017 (Grade 3B).

Growth and Diversity
Today, the Kevin R. Blandford Memorial organization has over forty pipers and drummers, drawing members from various areas of California, Texas, and Canada.  The Band takes pride in fostering a diverse and inclusive membership, representing various cultures, traditions, and backgrounds.

Local and Global Presence
In addition to participating in competitions across the Western United States, Canada, and Scotland, the Band is deeply involved in the local community, offering music instruction and taking part in various events like Celtic Christmas, church services, graduations, parties, and parades throughout Southern California. Their lively performances have not only resonated with local audiences but have also left a lasting impression on spectators both near and far.

Symbolic Tartan
Wearing the Roxburgh Red Muted tartan, the Band pays homage to Kevin R. Blandford, the visionary who initiated the Band. This tartan, a favorite of Kevin's, serves as a symbol of tradition and pride for the Kevin R. Blandford Memorial organization.

The journey of the Band continues, fueled by a passion for music, a commitment to excellence, and a proud legacy that resonates through every note played.

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